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This USB thumb drive contains a fully produced video recording of the Saturday, March 9th, 2024 - 12PM performance of the WMS Drama production of Beauty & The Beast Jr. - MIRROR CAST.

"MIRROR" Cast USB thumb drive

Excluding Sales Tax
  • For proper video playback you must copy the contents of the USB thumb drive to a computer (laptop or desktop), media server, or you can playback directly on your TV by inserting the thumb drive in the USB media port, and navigating via your menu options to the Media Input.

    All computers have different data transfer rates via their USB connection. If you are playing back directly from the USB thumb drive on a computer you may or may not notice degraded quality. 

    All thumb drives are tested once the video is transferred. 

  • 1.    Notwithstanding the prohibition against any video recording whatsoever in the Performance License previously granted to Licensee (hereby named Walkersville Middle School Drama) by MTI for the live stage performance of the Play, MTI, having secured permission from The Walt Disney Company for the creation by Licensee of a performance video recording hereby permits Licensee to make one video recording for each cast in different performances of your production of the Play subject to Licensee’s strict observance of the conditions set forth herein.

        2.    A video recording of the Play (the “Video recording”) may be created by Licensee as a non-commercial venture for archival purposes, which video recording may not be sold, leased or rented except as provided as herein. 

    Alternatively, Licensee may hire an outside party (hereby named MEECH CREATIVE, LLC) to professionally make a video recording of the Play provided that such video recording may only be used (a) for archival purposes, and/or (b) to make additional copies of the recording that may be sold to participants in the Play or their families for their own personal, at-home (i.e., non-commercial use). Such outside party (MEECH CREATIVE, LLC) may not use the name “Disney” or any other trademarks of The Walt Disney Company in any way, except to indicate the content of the video recording.

        3.    As a condition to the rights granted herein, Licensee agrees to use good faith efforts to inform all audience members of the restrictions and limitations on video recording and the subsequent use thereof, as set forth herein.  At a minimum, Licensee agrees to include a statement in the Play’s program to inform audience members of the limitations by way of an announcement prior to the start of each performance of the Play.

    4.    In no event may any video recording produced by MEECH CREATIVE, LLC of the Play authorized herein, either in whole or in part, be otherwise copied, reproduced and/or disseminated in any way, including broadcasting, televising, sale or electronic transmission and/or posting on the Internet. This includes the duplication & redistribution of the contents of the USB drive and the posting to social media of any kind.

        5.    Licensee understands that its failure to follow the above requirements, even if inadvertent, will incur liability for statutory copyright infringement under federal law. Licensee agrees that, without limiting any other recovery that MTI may obtain against Licensee, whether at law or at equity, for its breach of this Agreement, Licensee shall, at a minimum, reimburse MTI for its out-of-pocket legal fees and shall pay to MTI damages equal to three times the total license royalty fees paid or payable to MTI by Licensee for its production of the Play. 


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